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Consumer, Industrial & Solar

Plastic Injection Molding for the Consumer, Industrial & Solar Industries

Supplying Plastic Manufacturing Worldwide for Over Three Decades

Consumer, Industrial & Solar
Consumer, Industrial & Solar

With domestic and international tooling, Plastikon's consumer and industrial plastics manufacturing services are developed with the highest quality at globally competitive costs. Coupled with cross-market experience and applications, we provide complete R&D, part design and engineering services for consumer and industrial industries.

Our expertise includes the following applications and industries:

  • Consumer lifestyle and household products
  • Industrial components and housings
  • Agriculture products
  • Solar and Alternative energy contract plastic components and plastics manufacturing
  • Digital media storage plastic contract manufacturing
    (USB Jump drives, portable/external hard drives, Thin Wall Memory Sticks, …)
  • Plastic Peripherals
    (Printers, Computers, Routers, Handhelds, Gaming, …)
  • Telecommunications contract manufacturing
    (Video/Telecom conference call stations, Handsets, Cellular Accessories…)
  • Thermoformed packaging solutions
    (Clamshells, Inserts…)

For more information about our consumer and industrial plastics manufacturing capabilities, contact us directly.

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